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  • КФК | Скопје

    CONTROLLING | FINANCE | CONSULTING BECOME OUR CLIENT How are we functioning? Blueprint of companies We do a complete scan of the company, set possible "scenarios" and models of efficient operation. This is actually a plan or organized system of accounting that allows accurate and systematic recording of all financial transactions and conditions of an organization. Detecting the problems Problem detection is a process that enables early recognition of irregularities, inefficiencies or risks that may affect a company's financial position and performance. We detect all potential problems and offer solutions made with various tools and analysis in accordance with international standards for financial reporting A long-term strategy for success A success strategy is about planning and managing your finances in a way that will enable you to achieve your long-term financial goals. This strategy aims to improve your financial status and allow you to build a stable foundation for your financial success in the future. WHY CHOOSE CFC 15+ years of professional experience Organized system of functioning Professionals who know the tax system flawlessly More than 150 satisfied customers Custom made customer services Constant improvement of services according to trends INDUSTRIES WE WORK WITH HoReCa IT CONSTRUCTION EDUCATION ENERGY HEALTH MULTIMEDIA MARKETING METALLURGY MAINTENANCE TRANSPORT TRADE PHARMACY OIL AND OIL DERIVATIVES CONSULTING PACKAGE SERVICES a range of services that suit each client FIND OUT MORE Contact

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    A family business that started operating in 2017 by experienced people from the banking and financial sector. KFK is a specialised controlling, finance and consulting company with a focus on tax consulting, financial management and accounting. EXPERTISE KFK has considerable expertise in the field of financial controlling and offers a wide range of consulting services. Our professional teams consist of experienced financial professionals and consultants who have a deep understanding of modern practices and techniques in this field. COMMITMENT TO EXCELLENT RESULTS KFK is a company that is dedicated to achieving excellent results. We have passion for work and strive for excellence in every project and every task we work on, and it is based on: expertise and knowledge, individual approach, quality and innovation and constant support of our customers. WORKING PHILOSOPHY KFK's operating philosophy is based on several principles: customer focus, expertise and innovation, collaboration and teamwork, integrity and ethical behavior. said these principles, we strive to be your partner in achieving financial stability, growth and successful management of your finances EXPERIENCE Our team of strategists, financial analysts and consultants have worked with different clients and industries, which allows us to understand the different challenges and needs of our clients. OUR TEAM

  • Услуги | КФК Скопје

    SERVICES CONSULTING Tax consulting Identification and proper management of tax risk, minimization of tax exposure, positioning of real tax positions in accordance with all legal requirements and regulations Managerial financial consulting Financial in-depth analysis (Financial Due Diligence), that is, a detailed financial assessment of the current financial situation of companies, which includes the possibility of generating profit in the near future. ACCOUNTING SERVICES • Keeping the business books • Collection and processing of all documents • Record of expense cash register • Keeping and updating a register of basic funds • Reconciliation of actual with accounting condition of assets liabilities and equity • Monthly / quarterly / annual financial reports • Preparation of trial balance, Income statement, Balance of balance, overview of cash flows • Reports for suppliers, buyers and investors • Financial statements and explanatory notes for the needs of consolidation • Calculation of wages and related taxes and contributions • Preparation of payrolls FINANCIAL MANAGEMENT Development and preparation of business plans Creation of business plans that allow companies to define their strategies, goals and ways to achieve success Assistance in applying for various financial services A complete process that KFK leads when applying for various types of financial services in order to improve the processes of companies' operations. INVESTMENTS Development of investment projects Investment projects are specific projects that are carried out in order to achieve financial or economic benefit. They can be of different nature and scale, from small projects such as the opening of a new store, to large infrastructure projects such as the construction of a highway or a hydroelectric plant. Working capital management Working capital is an important aspect of financial management and refers to the available funds used to finance current operations and meet short-term financial obligations of the organization. One of the business models for working capital is the business of approving lines of credit, which is a process that allows an organization to use an available line of credit from a bank or other financial sources. CONTROLLING Development of a controlling system for companies Controlling in companies refers to the process of control, analysis and management of the financial and operational aspects of the business. The purpose of controlling is to ensure efficient and effective functioning of the company, achievement of set goals and improvement of financial results.

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    CONSULTING PACKAGE SERVICES No plans available Once there are plans available for purchase, you’ll see them here. Back to Home Page

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